You recently attended the NZHA New Huntsman's Workshop and we'd like your feedback!

The introduction on the role of the Huntsman presented by Nikki gave me a good understanding of what is required to be a successful Huntsman

The Kennel Management session led by Lauryn, Ryan, and Guy gave me a practical understanding of how to manage all parts of the kennels

The session on working up hounds and new entrants taken by Lauryn, Ryan and Bruce provided me with a good understanding of what is required when getting hounds ready for the season and introducing new entrants to the pack

Bruce, Lauryn, and Ryan's session on Hunting Hounds detailed what was required to be successful hunting hounds on a hunt day

The session on Whippers-in taken by Dave, Craig and Ryan provided me with a good understanding of the role of the Whipper-in

Guy's session on preparing for hound shows gave me some good ideas which I'll put into practice at shows

Grant and Tim took the session on horses - fitness and feeding. I found this session to be very informative.

Tim's session on work outside of the Hunt gave me some ideas for how I could supplement my income outside of the Hunt

The session on Masters and Committees lead by Grant provided practical advice when it comes to working with people in those roles

The session on media was informative, Nikki provided a clear understanding on why it's important to carefully manage hunting's exposure across the media

Overall, how would you rate the event